Privacy Policy

Santo Antônio Energia makes the following commitments in order to guarantee security and privacy to users of its site:

  1. To not release the email addresses registered on its site without prior authorization, except when so ordered by an administrative or legal authority;
  2. To not send emails which have not been expressly requested following a user’s registration on the site;
  3. To always provide the possibility to cancel the sending of messages;
  4. To keep all the information obtained through the site confidential;
  5. To not collect information without the user’s consent;
  6. To use cookies merely to facilitate login for registered users or to control its audience and
  7. To not distribute offensive, discriminatory or potentially harmful material to users.

All personal data supplied on our site is stored in a specific database and its access is restricted to appropriately qualified staff, who are contractually obliged to retain the confidentiality of information to which they have access.

Please contact us if you have any queries, suggestions or complaints or require additional information.

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