Santo Antônio Energia is the concessionaire responsible for building and operating the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Plant – one of the first major Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) projects to begin operations.

A concessionaire was created with a challenge: installing one of the largest hydroelectric plants in the Legal Amazon area, taking maximum advantage of the Madeira River’s hydro-power potential while respecting local communities and the environment.

The project was only possible as the result of a partnership among Brazilian companies which are leaders in building and operating hydroelectric plants: Furnas Centrais Elétricas (39%), Caixa FIP Amazônia Energia (20%), Odebrecht Energia do Brasil (18,6%), SAAG Investimentos (12,4%) and Cemig Geração e Transmissão (10%). The shareholders’ wide-ranging experience was applied to plan and operate a unique project, which will contribute to energy security in the North Region and throughout Brazil.

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