Mission, vision and values


Santo Antônio Energia is a hydroelectric energy producer based in the Amazon, for the Amazon region and throughout Brazil. Located on the Madeira River in the city of Porto Velho, Rondônia, it is integrated with the ecosystem, forming the reason for its existence with the environment. The energy which it generates encourages development, is associated to an exemplary installation, producing products interconnected with research, economy, culture and leisure in a sustainable manner. It is an example to the world; responsible for enthusiasm from the Brazilian people and happiness for its participants.


We are in a new world where nothing exists by itself and only continues through connections. A plant is an energy factory. Energy from water is transformed into electricity and is the energy of its history, its surroundings and its future. For us, the care that we have in terms of producing the best, most competitive and safest energy is associated to knowledge and simultaneously communicating what we have constructed. To care for animal and plant life, such as transposing fish and cataloguing their diversity; studies and research on archaeological sites; preserving life on the Madeira River; recovering knowledge of the history of the heroic Madeira-Mamoré railroad and, more fundamentally, attention for men and women: those who work on the project, their families, the population of Porto Velho and Rondônia; to all those who have been touched by our energy and those who will join us to invent the Amazon’s future.


Santo Antônio Energia has the following core values to implement its mission:

  • Sustainability: nothing has a reason for being if there is damage to something which already exists.
  • Individual responsibility: social affection; each person’s responsibility for fellow man and the environment is beyond any codes .
  • Innovation: something that does not walk, falls. Something that is not invented, ages.
  • Preservation: the past is discovered, maintained and transported to the future.
  • Friendship: friendship is primordial affection in a society of networks.
  • Efficiency: is doing more with less.
  • Inspiration: inspiring the qualification of new professionals, new dreams and new ventures.
  • Transparency: what cannot be said should not be done.

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