Santo Antônio Energia – is the 4th largest energy producer in Brazil and comprises public and private companies which are leaders in energy generation and transmission:


A Brazilian company active in the electrical sector that develops studies and plans and manages the implementation and exploration of electrical energy transmission and generation ventures. The company is indirectly administered by the Federal Government, linked to the Ministry of Mines and Energy and controlled by Eletrobras. With projects under way in nine Brazilian states and the Federal District, Furnas has a complex comprising eleven hydroelectric and two thermoelectric plants, producing 9,910 MW of power, representing approximately 10% of the country’s energy generation. More than 40% of all the energy used in Brazil passes through the Eletrobras Furnas system.

Caixa Participation Investment Fund (FIP) Amazônia Energia

An investment fund for Santo Antônio Energia, administered by the Caixa Econômica Federal bank and managed by Valora Investimentos. The FIP partners are Odebrecht Energia do Brasil and FI-FGTS, an investment fund created with resources originating from FGTS net equity to invest in sanitation and infrastructure projects in the highway, port, waterway, railroad and energy sectors.

Odebrecht Energia Brazil

A company which focuses on the Odebrecht Organization’s investments and operations in the energy production segment. Created in 2011, Odebrecht Energia has already accumulated more than 1,400 MW of power in renewable source projects in Latin America. Its portfolio of assets comprises hydroelectric plants, wind farms, a solar plant, biomass projects and Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (PCHs).

SAAG Investiments

It’s majority shareholder Andrade Gutierrez Participações S.A., a brazilian company with international participation in 15 countries, which operates in engineering and construction, telecommunications, energy and public concessions and develops and executes major ventures in the areas of urban sanitation, civil works and integrated irrigation projects.


A mixed company controlled by the State Government of Minas Gerais. Comprising 40 companies and seven consortiums, the group focuses on electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution, also having investments in natural gas distribution and data transmission lines. It is one of the largest business conglomerates in the Brazilian energy sector, being responsible for approximately 12% of the electrical energy produced in the country, as well as operating in Chile.

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