Research & Development

The National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL) Research and Development Program

In compliance with Law 9.991/2000, public distribution, electrical energy transmission and production service concessionaires, permissionaires of public electrical energy distribution services and those authorized to independently produce electrical energy, except for those producing energy exclusively from wind, solar, biomass, qualified co-generation facilities and small hydroelectric centers are required to annually invest a percentage of their net operating income (ROL) in Technological Research and Development projects in the electrical energy sector. Companies in the electrical energy generation sector, such as Santo Antônio Energia, are required to invest a minimum of 1% of its net operating income (ROL) in ANEEL regulated R&D projects.


The ANEEL regulated Research and Development Program’s aim is to promote a permanent search for innovations and solutions to electrical energy market challenges.


Distribution of R&D Investments

In compliance with the provisions of article 4 of Law 9.991/2000, R&D investments shall be distributed in the following manner:


  • 40% (forty per cent) of resources shall be collected by the National Scientific and Technological Development Fund (FNDCT);
  • 20% (twenty per cent) of resources shall be directly collected by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME);
  • 40% (forty per cent) shall be allocated for carrying out ANEEL regulated R&D projects.


Therefore, only the 40% which is allocated to carrying out ANEEL regulated R&D projects effectively falls to company management.


For consideration as an ANEEL R&D Project 

Those submitted shall cumulatively comply with the following requirements in order to be considered for an ANEEL R&D project:


1)     Originality;

2)     Applicability;

3)     Relevance;

4)     Reasonable costs.


The “Originality” item is eliminatory within these criteria or, in other words, if the grade obtained in these requirements is insufficient, the project is automatically turned down and the resources used in the project should be reverted to the R&D account.


The Santo Antônio Energia R&D Program

Considering the start of the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Plant’s operations in 2012, “Santo Antônio Energia’s Strategic R&D Investment Plan” for the period comprising 2012 to 2016 was submitted to ANEEL. Santo Antônio Energia presents the directives and lines of research which will be carried out during the cited period in this plan.


As a result of the technological uniqueness witnessed in its installation and operation and also as a result of its location within the Amazon Basin, it is natural that the projects which will be developed are aligned with the “Operating Electrical Systems” and “Environment” themes. We present the areas that will focus on R&D efforts included in the “Strategic Plan” and will guide investments in the next few years below:

  • GB – Basin and Reservoir Management;
  • MA – The Environment;
  • SE – Security;
  • PL – Planning Electrical Energy Systems;
  • OP – Operating Electrical Energy Systems;
  • SC – Supervising, Controlling and Protecting Electrical Energy Systems.


Partnerships for Developing ANEEL R&D Projects

It is important to highlight that in addition to the individual efforts which Santo Antônio Energia will make to develop R&D projects, possible partnerships with other agents in the electricity sector will be analyzed, in order to develop projects which present common interests and objectives.

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