Innovative solutions

Find out more about some of the technologies that make the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Plant the most efficient venture in Brazil.

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Respect and Sustainability

Find out about the strategies and compensatory practices which led to installing a hydroelectric plant in the heart of the Legal Amazon area.

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Energy Security for Brazil

Find out more on how Santo Antônio is contributing to developing the North Region and is assisting in increasing the provision of energy obtained from a renewable source.

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Vazão do Rio Madeira

Vazão do Rio Madeira

6.600 m³/s

Previsão de vazão para o dia 12/08/2022

Previsões de vazão

7.300 m³/s em 13/08/2022
7.400 m³/s em 14/08/2022
7.200 m³/s em 15/08/2022

Geração Efetiva

Geração Efetiva


atualizado em tempo real

Geração média em 11/08/2022: 1169,70 MWh

Royalties pagos

Royalties pagos

R$ 561.583.761,86

valor acumulado entre março/2012 e dezembro/2020

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